• Morocco Earthquake 2023 : Ongoing Campaigns

    A devastating earthquake struck Morocco on September 8, 2023, and affected communities are facing a long and challenging road to recovery.  

    In this critical time, we have carefully reviewed a number of resources and campaigns who are working to deliver aid and support the distressed communities as they slowly rebuild the lives and homes they lost. This list features a curated list of trusted organizations and initiatives that we believe are making a significant impact. Your support can play a vital role in bringing hope and assistance to those affected by this catastrophic disaster.

  • Tips for donating to relief campaigns


    There is unfortunately lots of mis-and dis-information circulating, and scammers may take advantage of the crisis to take your donations away from communities in need. Here are a few things to keep in mind when donating to support victims of the earthquake: 


    Check information before making a donation.

    Make sure the organization you are donating to has a website or a social media profile. Check payment information on an official source, as images forwarded on WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. can be modified.


    Don't send money to individuals you don't know.

    Unless you know the recipient or someone close to them that you trust, send your donation to a registered organization.


    When it's an option, make your donation via card rather than wire transfer.

    If there is a problem or if you discover that the campaign is a scam, you can contest a card payment, but recovering a wire transfer is much more difficult.


    When it's an option, send money directly to the organization you want to support.


  • Verified Campaigns

    Here are a few campaigns we have already verified:

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    Bank Al Maghrib

    Bank Al Maghrib has launched an official special fund for the earthquake victims.















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    Amal Nonprofit

    Amal Nonprofit is an established organization that has been working in the region for years. During these times they are accepting donations and have dedicated their restaurant to cook meals for the victims.

    September 15 Update:

    Amal Nonprofit has so far prepared and distributed 12,000 sandwiches to earthquake victims, distributed 96 tents, 24 solar lamps, and distributed non-perishable food to the community.

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    As the first online presale platform in the MENA region dedicated to innovation projects Wuluj launched a crowdfunding campaign for the victims of the earthquake.

    Septenber 15 update:

    The campaign on Wuluj has so far raised 846 950 MAD.

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    Banque Alimentaire

    Banque Alimentaire is providing food, clothes, tents, matresses and covers to eathquake victims

    They accept monetary donations as well as products.

    September 15 Update: BA has collected and distributed the following donations to the affected areas:

    59 tonnes of food

    700 mattresses
    1420 blankets and duvets
    24 tonnes of food for
    729 baskets (food items, hygiene products, diapers, etc.)
    3 tonnes of clothing


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    SOS Village Enfant

    This Moroccan organization dedicated to aiding childring and families has created an emergency fund to care for the children affected by the earthquake

    September 15 Update: The SOS Village Enfant campaign in collaboration with Care has collected over 8 220 350 MAD, which will be used to provide aid to the affected communities.




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    El Baraka Angels

    El Baraka Angels are collecting tents matresses, cover and non-perishable food to the survivors.

    They're actively recruiting volunteers and accept donations.













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    Maa wa Namaa

    A Moroccan organisation dedicated to solving the water scaricity in affected area have turned their effort towards earthquake relief











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    High Atlas Foundation

    HAF is a local NGO that has worked with the Al Haouz, Taroudant, Ouarzazate communities for many years.

    They're accepting monetary donation and recruiting volunteers.

    September 15 Update:

    HAF has distributed food items worth 600,000 MAD to over 1200 families in more than 20 villages. They have also partnered with Amazon to obtain 4000 solar lanterns with mobile phone charging capacity.

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    Global Diversity

    This International organization with an on field team led by Moroccan women has worked with the affected communities for years, they have launched a relief fund for the victims.

    September 15 Update

    The Global Diversity campaign has collected 554,017 MAD through 762 donations.